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Thermal Management

noax 3-staged Active Thermal Management

In order to guarantee a service life for years and decades in an industrial environment, the tightness of the devices is of essential importance. After all, water, dust and contamination inside the device are among the most common causes of failure of industrial computers. In addition to the tightness of the device, however, the control of the heat development inside the device is crucial for a long service life, since high heat can not only lead to a loss of performance, but also to irreparable hardware damage.
In order to protect the sensitive electronics around the motherboard and processor and to guarantee long-time performance, noax relies on the in-house-developed 3-stage thermal management.

Avoiding heat

Through the exclusive use of industrial-grade components in the mainboard development, the generation of heat is avoided in the first development phase. Compared to consumer parts, industrial components consume significantly less energy and accordingly generate less heat. At the same time, the parts are more resistant to extreme temperatures, which further increases the likelihood of a long service life.

The arrangement of the components in the housing – the space planning of the IPC components on the mainboard, so to speak – plays an important role in avoiding heat inside the device and is part of the noax industrial computer development process.

Spreading heat

Even if only industrial-grade components are used, the controlled conduction of heat flows is of the utmost importance. The second stage of noax thermal management ensures the targeted distribution of the heat by means of thermal flow simulations in the development phase.

With numerous stress and climate tests, hotspots are identified in the development phase and prevented by appropriate design. This guarantees a service life for years and decades with maximum computing power.

Dissipating heat

By using materials that are as conductive as possible in combination with heat flows that are tailored to them, the heat is released to the outside via the rear cover of the device.
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