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Rugged BDE / MDE Terminals

Reliable | Secure | Sustainable

About the Automation Series

For a wide variety of data acquisition in different industries

With noax industrial PCs, you can secure your data acquisition in harsh and / or sensitive production environments, regardless of whether manually (BDE) or automatically (MDE). noax terminals are robust and durable.

With noax industrial PCs you improve the productivity in your production, because they bring the advantages of modern information and communication technology into your production halls. MDE / BDE terminals are characterized by a completely closed design (up to IP69K) and a shock-proof, vibration-resistant construction. The robust design of our industrial computers guarantees absolute reliability. Failures and business interruptions are almost impossible. Numerous interfaces and a wide range of accessories ensure that you can optimally integrate our MDE / BDE terminals into your IT environment and expand them individually. This also includes various assembly systems. Regardless of whether machine control, machine data acquisition (MDE), production data acquisition (BDE), process visualization or quality control, with MDE / BDE terminals from noax you can sustainably increase your productivity.

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Rugged Logistics Computers

Reliable | Secure | Sustainable

About the Logistics Series

The noax industrial logistics PC is a multi touch computer for in vehicle operations. It is the newest addition to noax’s industrial PC product line.

Industrial automation is vital in the industry. The Logistics Series was developed to provide a trusted solution for intelligent logistics computing. Above all, noax ruggedized vehicle-mount computers provide sustainable reliability in the harshest environmental conditions. From forklifts in warehousing, construction trucks, to at-sea fish harvesting ships, our logistics PCs can do it all.

noax Logistics Industrial computers feature a wide operating temperature range, advanced shock and vibration resistance. Our logistics PCs also got an integrated UPS for maximum data security. Built for the demands of logistical operations, our in vehicle PCs have a solid construction. They are certified up to IP66, protecting against water, dust and extreme temperatures. Additionally, customizable configurations and easy upgrades provide a long service life of 7 to 10 years on average.

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