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Quality Management

Testing & Certifications

noax industrial computers already undergo numerous internal IP tests in the development phase, which are finally confirmed by an external certification body. This ensures that the tightness of the devices is guaranteed even in industrial environments with sometimes extreme conditions.
Reduction of technical failure risks to a minimum
Guarantee of maximum reliability for a long service life
Operation under the most difficult conditions is ensured
In the burn-in test, the IPC components are tested under high load over long periods of time in order to identify any problems that may arise at an early stage. This enables the early detection of material and component weaknesses. The burn-in test checks the quality of individual components and thus identifies components in advance that could possibly fail in continuous industrial operation. The aim is to avoid the installation of defective assemblies and damaged components in the industrial PCs. In contrast to the usual short tests (e.g. so-called run-in tests), defective components are identified immediately with the noax burn-in test.

At the end of the day, this serves to increase the quality and reliability of the components, because a correspondingly long operating time can be expected for all components that survive the noax burn-in test.

Every noax device delivered has passed a successful
48-hour burn-in test before delivery.


The IP certification provides information about the external influences against which an industrial computer (or electrical devices in general) is protected. This includes protection against intrusion, contact, liquids and dust. IP” stands for “International Protection Codes”.

While the IP codes meanwhile represent an international standard, there is still no uniform standard for the test procedures and thus a not inconsiderable scope for interpretation in the respective protection classes. Many providers claim to guarantee a certain IP protection, but this is mostly based only on internal tests and without evidence from certified test centers.

ISO quality management
9001: 2015

As a manufacturer of high quality all-in-one industrial computers, quality thinking is a natural part of our corporate culture for us. In order to guarantee the highest product quality, we have implemented the process orientation model from the ISO 9001 standard.

We see these guidelines as guidelines with which we can meet the particularly high quality demands placed on our products, services and processes. In-house development and production in particular make it possible to maintain the highest quality standards and implement customer requests individually.

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