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Industrial Quality

Reliably without compromise

noax industrial PCs run reliably in 24/7 operation, for a minimum of 5-7 years, even in the most challenging environments.

noax is not just another PC manufacturer. Our focus is to be the best, not the biggest. We are 100% committed to providing superior quality, craftsmanship and value to our customers. We understand their unique needs, building a partnership and solving their problems. noax products are designed and built by German engineers with the highest level of commitment to quality and reliability. Every tiny detail is carefully selected and industrial grade. We precisely control all aspects to ensure the highest level of quality in creating high-performance computers that are easy to use and provide a long, low maintenance life cycle to save our customers time and money.

3rd Party & In-House Testing

48 Hour Burn-In Test

After assembly, all units run for a full 48 hours to catch any potential software or hardware issues. The operating system (Linux/Windows) is uploaded to ensure all necessary drivers are installed and reliably running. Every noax industrial PC must pass this burn-in test successfully and without any errors for a period of 48 hours before it is shipped to the customer.

Climate changes to test temperature resistance

Our devices are tested for their temperature resistance in heat and cold chambers.

Ball Drop

Screens are tested by dropping a 500g steel ball from 6 ft. high, directly onto the screen.

Protection Standards

IP Ratings

The International Protection Rating, or Ingress Protection codes are classifications used to measure levels of protection, such as preventing the intrusion of solid objects and liquids from entering an enclosure.


IK Rating

The measure impact resistance and are defined by the energy needed to identify the ability of an enclosure to resist impact and is measured in joules (J). noax IPCs have an impact resistance rating of IK9. This means our industrial computers are able to withstand impact of 10 Joules on ALL sides.

Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability is our priority, in the design of the equipment and in the manufacturing of our IPCs. This means conserving resources with long product life cycles and by using recyclable materials. Our industrial PCs have a long service life and are easy to retrofit and upgrade preventing large amounts of waste from being generated.

5M3-Shockproof & Vibration Proof

Shock and vibration tested to ensure product performance under extreme conditions. Vibration and shock capabilities are tested by a simulation in a controlled laboratory environment exposed to the extreme conditions that a product may face during use.

ISO 9001:2015

What is ISO 9001:2015? Quality management according to ISO 9001 focuses on ensuring continuous improvement, a strong customer focus and ensures products and services are consistently excellent quality. TÜV SÜD product certification demonstrates commitment to safety, quality and performance standards.
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