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noax Touchscreen Industrial PCs at Konecranes’ Würzburg Plant

At the Würzburg plant of the Finnish crane specialist Konecranes, nearly two dozen robust noax industrial PCs have been proving their worth in tough continuous operation since a hardware and software conversion in 2020. Here, they ensure precise production of the versatile straddle carriers throughout the entire production process in the presence of heat, oil, dirt and dust. The noax Automation Series impresses under harsh environmental conditions with its rugged industrial design, its ease of use with different work gloves, its waterproof and dustproof design according to protection class IP66, and its resistance to shocks and vibrations. The intuitive touch screen IPCs reliably ensure that all information is available at the right time, in the right place, to all users.
Requirements at a glance
Robust hardware solution for industrial environments
Windows operating system
Seamless integration and support from enterprise IT
Water- and dust-proof according to IP65 protection class
Display with full HD resolution
Multi-touch, operable with work gloves
Rugged industrial construction, certified according to 5M3
Customized configuration
Waterproof and dustproof to IP66, third party certified
“The robustness of
the Automation Series convinced us.
An absolute match!”
– Carina Riedmann

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Konecranes factory Würzburg
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